Q BBQ Fest

Volunteers needed for Q BBQ Fest at the AT&T Stadium. This is a fundraising event for the Alpha Leagues, that offers programs for underserved youths and young adults, girls, young ladies, and women through its parent nonprofit organization, Alpha Female League Inc.

Volunteers will be helping out at a concession stand at the stadium and will get FREE parking [shuttle bus from the lot] and FREE entry into event [must be added to the list for security]. This is for volunteering, internship hours, services hours or community service hours. There is NO compensation with volunteering.


1. Request a ticket here on Eventbrite

2. Complete Volunteer Application [a application or online link will be emailed to you]

3. Your name will be added to the list [if application process is completed]

4. Parking pass will be sent via email day prior to event or morning of [depending on event and time of day]

5. Everyone MUST meet at the stadium at the designated meeting spot for our group [will be listed in the email with parking pass and other important information]

Must be a minimum age of 16 years old. If you have any questions, email alphafemaleleague@gmail.com